Project Update

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It’s been a year since we announced that we were working on a book about the Polerouter. We were absolutely delighted with the response from collectors and over the moon that so many people showed an interest in the project and signed up to our mailing list.

Whilst the book gave us something to occupy our minds during periods of confinement, the global pandemic has not made things easy. Long periods during which we’ve not even been able to meet in person or work with our photographer have certainly slowed us down and the restrictions on international travel have also made collaboration with other collectors very difficult, something that we think is key to the success of the book.

It is still too early, and the global situation too uncertain, to speculate about a publication date but it is fair to say that it is not imminent. The good news is that things have greatly improved in the UK and we are back working with few restrictions although international travel is still very difficult for us.

Hopefully our new Polerouter prints will help to tide you over whilst you patiently wait for the main event. Please see here for further details.