On tour

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As soon as it is safe to do so, we hope to travel again to meet with other Polerouter enthusiasts. We were both at the Polerouter GTG in Paris in 2019 and had the pleasure of meeting many European based collectors but we’re also intending to travel a little further afield.

Top of our list is a trip to the US. We’re hoping to be able to put on some events so that collectors can meet and enjoy each other’s watches. We would also look to bring our photographer and stay for a few days in order to work with those collectors who were keen for their watches to feature in the book.

If you’re based in the US and would enjoy meeting with other Polerouter devotees, then please send us a message using the Contact page. It would be really helpful for us to understand where people are based, how far they are willing to travel etc. We’re excited to make some new friends and to put some faces to some names of old ones.