Your help is needed

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We’ve been working tirelessly to hunt for the rarest and most spectacular examples for the book. Our photographer has already captured over sixty watches, but we are still very keen to work with other collectors. Not only will collaboration ensure that the book showcases the very finest Polerouters, but in working with the collecting community, we hope that this will allow more people to feel part of the project. We are also particularly interested in watches with stories, so if you own a Polerouter with provenance, perhaps a family connection, then we would love to hear from you.

The Polerouter universe is just too huge and diverse for us to chronicle on our own and we’re really grateful to those collectors who have worked with us already. Hopefully you enjoyed the experience and you are looking forward to seeing your prized possessions in print.

If you own a watch, an accessory or some ephemera that you think other collectors would enjoy seeing in the book, please reach out to us using the Contact page. We genuinely enjoy every message that we receive and hugely look forward to hearing from you.